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Hand Embroidered Masonic Lodge Banner

Hand Embroidered Masonic Lodge Banner

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The displayed banners are 100% hand embroidered.

These are single sided banners, and their sizeis 24”X36”. We can customize the banner toyour desired size. The largest banner we haveproduced so far is 48”X72”. We can also makethe banner double sided if you require so.

The base cloth used in these banners is a very fine quality wool/blazer. Based on your usage and/or choice, we can use silk as the base cloth as well.

The gold material in these banners is high quality bullion wires, while the colored embroidery is done with the finest cotton threads. The colored thread in embroidery brings the craft closer to real life and the use of gold bullion emphasized the majesty of the symbols and emblems. With the mock up design of your banner, we will provide the list of suggested material that may enhance the image of your banner.

The embroidered part of these banners areraised to give 3D look.

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